About Us

Our founder, Ashley Rideout, is passionate about kids, parenting, education, creating, and helping others reach their full potential.  Starting her teaching career as a fifth grade classroom teacher, she quickly found an outlet for her creativity.  Ashley thrived as a teacher of Gifted students grades K-5 and loved providing creative challenges for her amazing students.  Ashley was honored to have the opportunity to work with and love on sweet children and staff as she started an Elementary school in impoverished Mexico.  Following the completion of all grades of the school and training the administration, Ashley began and received her Masters Degree in Counseling. Through therapy sessions utilizing art and other creative activities, Ashley witnessed incredible transformation in the children and teens she worked with. In her current (and absolute favorite) role, as mom to two, Ashley has drawn on all of her experiences to provide her own children with stimulating and engaging fun.  She loves enjoying each season spending Quality Time with her children engaging with them on their level, in projects designed for "fun," growing their relationship, providing them opportunities to explore and grow in independence.